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Patient Testimonials


Like so many other people I suffer from a type of diabetes. It has resulted in me getting infections into my toes. And I went to see Dr. Lee here. He has done work that has done a significant improvement. My visits here, he and his staff have been very good. I can highly recommend them.

“I can highly recommend them, both Dr. Lee and his staff.”

Mr. James Bowman


Before it was like tired legs. You know, different things. But now I just feel so much better. It’s been five years now that I’ve been coming through VasCare and every time I come here, it’s always, always, I feel, comfortable. Dr. Lee does his job very professionally. I would like to add that his staff is amazing. From the minute you check in, they make you so comfortable in the office. It’s almost like they’re family.

“Everytime I come here, it’s always comfortable.”

Mr. Anthony Sua