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Hi my name is Ruby and I’ve had spider veins my entire life. For the longest time. There were always a big concern for me. If I would have known how easy the procedures were and how painless they were, I definitely would have done them sooner. I recommend doctor Lee in vast care. Corpus Christi. They did so well on the procedures and I highly recommend them. One of the things I like most about this clinic is how friendly and responsive everyone was. I also liked Dr. Lee. He came in and he explained everything that was going on. And I feel as though I really, really appreciate all of the patients in all the understanding that the staff had towards me. I feel like if I would have known that it only took a few weeks from the point of me looking them up to me actually having my problem resolved, I would have done it much sooner.

“If I would have known how easy the procedures were and how painless they were, I definitely would have done them sooner.”

Ruby Pohlers

Dr. Lee & the staff are phenomenal. They have been great at communicating before, during and after my procedure. I have been very impressed from my initial visit.

Patricia Finn


Before it was like tired legs. You know, different things. But now I just feel so much better. It’s been five years now that I’ve been coming through VasCare and every time I come here, it’s always, always, I feel, comfortable. Dr. Lee does his job very professionally. I would like to add that his staff is amazing. From the minute you check in, they make you so comfortable in the office. It’s almost like they’re family.

“Every time I come here, it’s always comfortable.”

Mr. Anthony Sua


Like so many other people I suffer from a type of diabetes. It has resulted in me getting infections into my toes. And I went to see Dr. Lee here. He has done work that has done a significant improvement. My visits here, he and his staff have been very good. I can highly recommend them.

“I can highly recommend them, both Dr. Lee and his staff.”

Mr. James Bowman

Everyone in the office is great. Dr. Lee is very patient and always takes the time needed to explain everything to me. The staff is very comforting and pays a lot of attention to me.

Mercedes Ortiz

I love all of the staff and Dr. Lee is great, he is very funny. They all made me feel so comfortable and I can already notice a decrease of leg pain and swelling.

Alice Santos

I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude for the experience I had in Beaumont. The facility was clean and secure; the staff was competent, professional and friendly, and they enhanced my understanding of my disease while emphasizing the seriousness of it. Most important, my procedures there have alleviated my discomfort. I am confident the VasCare Team provided the best possible care in mitigation of my disease.

Tim Getzlaff

I am a 62 year old retired nurse and came to VasCare with severe pain, swelling and redness in my legs. Dr. Lee explained the issues and my treatment options very clearly. After my first procedure I noticed a drastic change in swelling and a decrease in pain. Now that I have finished all of my treatments I have no pain, swelling or redness and no longer have to constantly elevate my feet. Dr Lee was personable, had great bedside manner, listened well and always took the time to explain everything. The staff is equally great, from the ultrasonographer to the receptionist. I cannot say enough great things about this practice.

Annette Enrriques