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Our expert physicians, nurses, and sonographers have devoted years to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of arterial, venous, and lymphatic disease and their related conditions. Meet Our Specialists


Advanced Medical Treatments

At VasCare, treating legs is our specialty. Our minimally invasive out-patient treatments are performed in VasCare Offices by our highly experienced and specialized staff. Most patients can return to normal activity the next day. Plus, non-cosmetic procedures are covered by most insurance. Learn more


Our primary mission is to treat patients suffering from venous disease conditions of the leg, such as varicose veins, swelling legs, skin discoloration, and venous ulcers. At VasCare, treating legs is our specialty.

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Providing the highest level of care for our patients and ensuring outstanding surgical outcomes are our highest priorities. We survey every patient to evaluate their post-operative satisfaction. Results are based on a scale of 5.

Overall VasCare Experience

Doctor’s willingness to listen to concerns

Friendly and
Courteous Staff

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I was initially referred to VasCare by my family physician for the evaluation and treatment of thrombophlebitis and bulging varicose veins. I was also experiencing aching, painful legs that fatigued easily. I often noticed swollen ankles and throbbing along with itching and burning sensations near big ropey varicose veins. After undergoing the treatments in their office, all the symptoms that I initially presented with disappeared. Not to mention the bulging veins on my left leg are gone. The biggest thing I can say is that now my body gets tired before my legs do when I am running and on patrol.

The entire office staff is extremely personable and one can tell that they really enjoy the jobs that they do. I am so impressed with your surgical expertise and how you treat your patients that I am promoting VasCare to shipmates that may need it as well as my mother back home in Cleveland, Ohio who definitely could benefit.

-Brian R., Petty Officer First Class

Patient Testimonials

  • I loved my experience at VasCare. The entire staff were great. Very caring. The doctor spends time with you explaining what will be done to fix your problems I have no negative symptoms since my treatment. My legs are doing great. I had procedures done on both of my legs in November and we took a family vacation to Disney for Christmas. My Fitbit tracked me walking an average of 8 miles per day. No problem. I had a wonderful experience by caring professionals who knew exactly what they were doing.
    Sherry F.
  • I would recommend VasCare to others because of the professional and courteous staff.
    Marian B.
  • I was very impressed by the staff and the doctor. You have bad veins? Dr. G is the answer! Felt like “Home.” 100% healed – no pain.
    William S.
  • I had been having issues with my legs that resulted in thrombophlebitis. I had surgery on my legs just a little over 3 weeks ago, and they have never felt better. Dr. Gutierrez is extremely professional and makes his patients feel comfortable – prior to and during – the procedures. You provided me a whole different perspective on getting shots. I will always refer to them from now on as little ouchies.
    Brian R.
  • After some time with such heaviness in my legs and struggling up stairs, I can’t believe how light my right leg feels only 2 days after the procedure. The leg already feels a few pounds lighter than the left leg. Thank you for making this a relief and this chance to have better mobility and physical activity.
    Angela C.

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