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Will My Insurance Cover my procedure?

Nearly all insurance providers, including Medicare, cover medically necessary treatments for chronic vascular procedures.  Your initial consultation at VasCare will be billed to your insurance and you will typically be responsible for the normal co-pay or coinsurance required for a specialist office visit and ultrasound (if needed). Your initial consultation will involve an examination, ultrasound of your leg (if needed), discussion of treatment options, and a review of your health insurance benefits.

If you need help with out of pocket expenses related to your co-pay or deductible, cosmetic treatments, or medically necessary treatments not covered or only partially covered by your health insurance, VasCare offers financing options to fit most any budget. VasCare also accepts CareCredit, which offers you and your family a revolving line of credit to help finance the cost of medical expenses.  The approval process is quick and easy and most patients are able to obtain interest free financing for the first 12 months.

The dedicated staff at VasCare will help you maximize your insurance benefits and help you receive the treatment you need.