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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

How Does the Ambulatory Phlebectomy Procedure Work?

The ambulatory phlebectomy procedure is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure used to treat severe cases of venous disease caused by a condition known as venous reflux, in which damaged veins allow blood to flow backward and pool.

The procedure is a type of mechanical ablation usually performed along with radiofrequency endovenous thermal ablation and foam sclerotherapy. The veins targeted with ambulatory phlebectomy are typically large, bulging varicose veins that are not ideally treated with other therapies alone.

Ambulatory phlebectomy involves the physical removal of a diseased vein: 

  • The diseased veins are first mapped with a marker while the patient is standing
  • The veins to be removed are anesthetized with local anesthesia
  • A needle is then used to make a series of punctures that follow the course of the marked veins
  • A tiny crochet-like instrument is inserted into the punctures, through which individual segments of the veins are grabbed and removed

As a result of the ambulatory phlebectomy procedure, blood that had been pooling in the diseased vein and unable to return the heart (venous reflux) will re-route its course through healthy veins. 

Fast Healing

The more dilated a varicose vein is, the slower it tends to heal after a procedure like foam sclerotherapy. In these cases, ambulatory phlebectomy can result in faster healing times.

Pain Management

Typically, larger varicose veins that are treated with foam sclerotherapy are tender and painful during the healing process. The procedure is often used to treat these larger veins because the procedure results in less discomfort during recovery. 

Outpatient Therapy

Ambulatory phlebectomy, like radiofrequency  endovenous ablation and foam sclerotherpy, is an outpatient procedure performed in our office under local and region anesthesia. Patients can literally walk in before the procedure and walk out after.

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